What is remote energy therapy?

Remote energy therapy is based on the science of intention (healing action through scientifically proven* thinking).

It is based on the transmission of energy. The fact of directing one’s thoughts towards a specific objective, what scientists call “intention” or “intentionality”, seems to produce an energy powerful enough to transform physical reality.

It is an energy that can make a difference.

Osteopath for 30 years now, I have developed my techniques towards a gentle and remote energy therapy.

You suffer from a particular disorder but can’t come to my practice? Choose energy therapy from a distance. Don’t stay in pain.

Wherever you are, I can treat you.

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*Source: La Science de l’intention de Lynne Mc Taggart published by Editions Ariane.

Distance energy therapy,for whom?


Whatever your lifestyle, your profession, your body is affected by bad positions or bad postures on a daily basis. Indeed, poor posture at work, repetitive gestures, or even a false movement can cause tensions in the body, which will be intensified by a stressful life rhythm. Therapeutic follow-up is necessary to better adapt to the pace of life to which you are exposed.

The main reasons for the adult’s consultations are:

  • musculoskeletal disorders such as sciatica, low back pain or neck pain
  • digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux disease…
  • gynaecological disorders (painful periods, organ descents, infertility, etc.).


Are you an athlete, professional or amateur and subject to pain, do you want to prepare important events or improve their performance? Energy therapy can then be preferred. You can also consult in prevention in order to avoid tendonitis, repeated sprains…

Remote energy therapy improves performance by treating the real causes of pain that limit the practice of sports activity, improving muscle potential and power, joint flexibility and respiratory capacity.

Pregnant women

During pregnancy, your body changes rapidly on several levels: change of posture with a forward centre of gravity, loss of mobility in the small pelvis, hormonal changes. These changes can therefore lead to several types of disorders:

  • back tensions: low back pain (pain in the lower back), back pain (middle back) or neck pain (neck pain).
  • tensions in the small pelvis (sacrum, hips, lumbar vertebrae, intestine, etc.) causing sciatica, constipation, etc.
  • water retention and oedema caused by compression of the lower vena cava (a large vein that carries blood from the lower limbs to the heart).
  • digestive disorders, constipation problems, nausea, vomiting, or acid refluxes that cause a burning sensation in the rib cage
  • stress

Thanks to remote energy therapy, I can unlock these areas, which will allow your body to rebalance itself and find the right posture. I will simply give mobility back to the restricted structures so that they no longer exert unnecessary strain on your back. The pain will pass in a few days.

With remote energy therapy, I can also slightly stimulate certain organs and improve their sliding relative to the surrounding structures to rebalance your tone and relieve this type of digestive disorder.

Finally, remote energy therapy allows the release of tensions linked to the baby’s pressure on the organs. By making the space more welcoming to the baby, I can relieve digestive problems, bladder weakness, or haemorrhoids.


Pregnancy and childbirth affect babies. A poor position of the baby in his mother’s womb can lead to joint blockages in the child. Remote energy therapy can be used as a preventive practice.

Childbirth, in good or complicated conditions (forceps, suction cups, caesarean section, poor child recovery, foetal suffering, heart rhythm disorders), childbirth remains one of the traumas of life causing various immediate functional disorders or may appear later.

Remote energy therapy can help.

I can thus intervene on other disorders such as sleep, regurgitation, colic, constipation, torticollis, plagiocephaly, head traction.


Being followed as soon as possible and as regularly as possible helps you to recover and strengthen your functions by working on the general mobility of your body.

Remote energy therapy makes it possible to age better on 3 levels:

  • prevent to maintain good health. A regular consultation prevents functional disorders from developing. The senior maintenance flexibility and balance to be able to live without constraint.
  • treat the functional disorder that has appeared over time or following a physical trauma, and helps to avoid relapses and recurrences. When a functional disorder occurs, therapeutic follow-up helps to prevent the spread of ailments that have appeared in other parts of the body.
  • minimize an existing condition and seek to reduce the patient’s disability. When the disease is present, the practitioner supports health by reducing the various side and joint disorders.

Remote energy therapy is thus the effective health support in combating the harmful effects of ageing. It is also an answer to maintain well-being regardless of age.


Musculoskeletal disorders, trauma, reproductive problems, metabolic problems, respiratory problems or behavioural problems affect your pet’s balance. Remote energy therapy offers you a different solution to complement other medicines. It is very beneficial in preventive treatment. This is even more true for sports dogs and older dogs. An annual or semi-annual check-up will prevent many health problems.

Remote energy therapy applies to the mechanics of the whole body, its proper functioning and, as a result, to a very large number of conditions of which it may be a victim.

I carry out a complete examination of the animal and thus determine the areas of dysfunction. When one of the structures does not work, it affects all the other related structures. With remote energy therapy, I restore the balance of the body and relieve some functional disorders.

Do you suffer from pain or a particular disorder? Do not suffer, and opt for remote energy therapy. Wherever you are, I can treat you.

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Why remote energy therapy?

maux de dos

Back pains

neck pain, back pain, lumbago

Troubles gynécologiques et urinaires

Gynaecologicaland urinary disorders

painful periods, incontinence, organ descent

Douleurs des membres

Limb pain

sciatica, cruralgia, tendonitis, sprains, carpal tunnel

Troubles ORL

Ent disorders

sinusitis, angina, ear infections

Troubles digestifs

Digestive disorders

abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, gastroesophageal reflux disease

Troubles généraux

General disorders

headaches, insomnia

Troubles psychologiques

Psychological disorders

depression, fatigue, stress, OCD

Know me better

I am an osteopath, graduated from SUTHERLAND college in Paris and I practice since that date. My experience has allowed me to evolve my techniques towards a soft energy therapy.

To treat my family and friends who could not come to the office, I developed remote energy techniques. Faced with the success of this work, my relatives asked me to do the same with pets.

The very good results inspired me to create this site to put these skills at the service of the greatest number.

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