Who am I?

I am an osteopath, a graduate of the SUTHERLAND college in Paris and I have been working in a practice since that date. My experience has enabled me to develop my techniques towards a gentle energy therapy.

In order to treat my family and friends who could not come to the office, I developed remote energy techniques. Given the success of this work, my family and friends asked me to do the same with pets.

The very good results have led me to create this site to make these skills available to the greatest number of people

My customers testify

Why remote energy therapy?

This therapy is for everyone, from babies to seniors and from sedentary to top athletes. It can improve, or in some cases even eradicate physical and psychological symptoms such as insomnia, stress, tics and tocs, but also prepare for exams or sports competitions

Do you suffer from pain or a particular disorder? Don’t stay in pain and focus on remote energy therapy. Wherever you are, I can treat you.

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