Remote energy therapy

Alain Sébert osteopath and remote energy therapist

Remote energy therapy IN A FEW WORDS…

Remote energy therapy is an energy therapy based on the science of intention (thought healing action) to transmit energy to a patient. With this technique, I scan the different parts of the patient’s body while asking a question. In this way, I obtain energetic feedback enabling me to diagnose the patient’s pathology.

Remote energy therapy helps to treat and prevent disorders :

  • physical
  • functional
  • and psychological problems such as stress and depression

It is also based on the principles of osteopathy:

  • the body’s ability to heal itself
  • taking the whole person into account
  • the principle of tissue balance

How does an energy therapy session work?

A distance energy therapy session takes place as follows:

  • visualization of the patient’s body, based on the information provided in the procedure form: surname, first name, age, approximate location, etc.
  • a body scan based on my osteopathic expertise
  • the distant healing phase

Remote energy therapy is therefore based on the science of intention: the thought that exerts an influence on physical reality. A considerable amount of research into the nature of consciousness, carried out over the last fifty years by prestigious scientific institutions around the world, demonstrates that thoughts can have an effect on everything from the simplest machines to the most complex living beings.

These data are based on experiments conducted worldwide by a number of scientists and compiled by Lynne MC TAGGART.

an energy capable of making a difference

Remote energy therapy is a fast and effective method for several reasons:

  • it unblocks physical disorders in the same way as manual therapies
  • it bypasses certain negative physical reactions of patients to mechanical manipulations (some prefer remote energy therapy because they don’t like to be treated manually or are afraid of suffering)
  • it canact on pathologies that traditional osteopathy does not usually treat: shingles, for example

But above all, remote energy therapy can help you if :

  • you’re stuck at home and can’t move
  • you need an urgent appointment but have no availability
  • you are traveling abroad
  • you or a loved one live in an area where you have no access to healthcare…

This approach opens up unlimited treatment possibilities.

Do you suffer from pain or a particular disorder? Don’t stay in pain and focus on remote energy therapy. Wherever you are, I can treat you.

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