Wherever you are, I can treat you

Alain Sébert osteopath and remote energy therapist


Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic method, which aims to identify and treat mobility restrictions affecting the structures that make up the human body.

According to its principle: any loss of mobility of joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera can cause an imbalance in health status.

Osteopathy is based on the following concepts:

  • the body’s ability to heal itself
  • the hand, a tool for analysis and care
  • the taking into account of the entirety of the individual
  • the principle of tissue balance

It prevents and treats many physical disorders and also on the nervous, functional and psychological systems.


A top-level athlete in judo, I first approached osteopathy as a patient. Conquered by this discipline, I started studying at Sutherland College in Paris.

Eager to progress, I continued my training with the energetic approach of the discipline. It is from this approach that I discovered the science of intention and developed my energy therapy.

The basis of energy therapy or distance healing is the science of intention.

This science is based on a premise: thought influences physical reality. A considerable amount of research on the nature of consciousness, conducted over the past fifty years by prestigious scientific institutions around the world, shows that thoughts can affect everything from the simplest machines to the most complex living beings.

These data are based on experiments conducted worldwide by several scientists and recorded by Lynne MC TAGGART and indicate that thoughts and intentions formulated by human beings are a “palpable” physical reality.


The researcher, Elmer GREEN, has demonstrated in his research that a huge amount of electrostatic energy is emitted during the healing process. Physicist William TILLER of Stanford University discovered that, during concentration in distance healing work, directed thoughts create measurable physical energy at any distance.

GE. SCHWARTZ, for his part, did several studies proving that a directed intention manifests itself in the form of both electrostatic and magnetic energy.

The enormous volume of scientific data on remote healing gathered by Dr. Daniel BENOR shows that thoughts can have powerful effects on any living being.

Although this one seems far from traditional osteopathy, I could never have developed my method without this scientific research and this initiatory path. This approach allows for unlimited processing possibilities.

The most important thing is to work again to discover new perspectives. The unexplored performances of our brain suggest that we are only at the beginning of this energetic adventure…

Do you suffer from pain or a particular disorder? Don’t stay in pain and focus on remote energy therapy. Wherever you are, I can treat you.

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